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The text component displays a paragraph of text.

Hello World!

rx.text("Hello World!", font_size="2em")
The text element can be visually modified using the as_ prop.
  • b: Bold text
  • strong: Important text
  • i: Italic text
  • em: Emphasized text
  • mark: Marked text
  • kdb: Inserted text
  • cite: Inserted text
  • abbr: Inserted text
  • u: Inserted text
  • small: Smaller text
  • del: Deleted text
  • ins: Inserted text
  • samp: Inserted text
  • s: Inserted text
  • sub: Subscript text
  • sup: Superscript text
Hello World!Hello World!Hello World!Hello World!
    rx.text("Hello World!", as_="i"),
    rx.text("Hello World!", as_="s"),
    rx.text("Hello World!", as_="mark"),
    rx.text("Hello World!", as_="sub"),


Render a paragraph of text.

  • Base Event Triggers

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