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A Reflex config.

Class Fields



app_name The name of the app.
loglevel The log level to use.
frontend_port The port to run the frontend on.
frontend_path The path to run the frontend on.
backend_port The port to run the backend on.
api_url The backend url the frontend will connect to.
deploy_url The url the frontend will be hosted on.
backend_host The url the backend will be hosted on.
db_url The database url.
redis_url The redis url.
telemetry_enabled Telemetry opt-in.
bun_path The bun path
cors_allowed_origins List of origins that are allowed to connect to the backend API.
tailwind Tailwind config.
timeout Timeout when launching the gunicorn server. TODO(rename this to backend_timeout?)
next_compression Whether to enable or disable nextJS gzip compression.
event_namespace The event namespace for ws connection
frontend_packages Additional frontend packages to install.
rxdeploy_url Params to remove eventually. For rest are for deploy only. The rxdeploy url.
username The username.


Config()Pydantic config for the config.
__init__(self, *args, **kwargs)Initialize the config values.
check_deprecated_values(**kwargs)Check for deprecated config values.
update_from_env(self)Update the config from environment variables. Raises: ValueError: If an environment variable is set to an invalid type.
get_event_namespace(self) -> 'str | None'Get the websocket event namespace.
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