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Reflex has new releases and features coming every week! Make sure to star and watch on GitHub to stay up to date.

Reflex v0.2.7

Reduced Package Size + Client-side Storage.

  • Reduced initial package size by 60%
  • Client-side Storage integrated with State
  • Added on_mount and on_unmount triggers for all components
  • Per-component prop autocompletion for IDEs and breakpoints support


Reflex v0.2.6

Bug fix to connect to no sql databases.

  • Added the step prop to Slider.
  • Added support for limits in pagination

Reflex v0.2.5

Performance improvements + bug fixes.

  • Removing the Node dependency on Windows
  • 3x performance improvement on the frontend (dev mode should be much snappier now!)
  • f-string support for vars



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