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Reflex v0.4.2

Syncronize local storage between tabs

  • Tuple type annotations are now respected index-wise
  • Substates are serialized individually
  • Better Image Serialization


Reflex v0.4.1

Fix Windows Hot-reload Issues

  • Fix browser error when triggering upload with no files selected
  • Fix regression: with is_external

Reflex v0.4.0

Replace Chakra with Radix components

  • Entirely new core component library based on radix-ui
  • App-wide theming system
  • Enhanced support for upload and download

Reflex v0.3.10

Lucide Icons now available at rx.lucide.icon

  • Custom Reflex support directory (REFLEX_DIR)
  • Better support for native SQLAlchemy models
  • Avoid exposing unused _upload and _event endpoints

Reflex v0.3.9

Improve hot-reload times in dev mode

  • Allow State subclasses to use mixins to define fields
  • Improvements to Radix-UI preview components

Reflex v0.3.8

New rx.match helper acts as a switch statement

  • app.compile() is no longer required
  • Add time_picker component
  • Support bare SQLAlchemy DeclarativeBase models

Reflex v0.3.7

Support SQLAlchemy v2

  • Preview of radix themes components
  • Allow redis:// and rediss:// style URL

Reflex v0.3.6

rx.el components working with State

    Reflex v0.3.5

    Performance Improvements

    • More flexible rx.State subclassing
    • Enhanced standard HTML elements under `rx.el`

    Reflex v0.3.4

    Support Dynamic Forms

    • Support python 3.12
    • NextJS 14
    • Fast lazy import
    • Upload with progress and cancellation

    Reflex v0.3.2

    Work with Github Codespaces

    • Expose gunicorn_worker_class for extended configuration
    • stop_propagation and prevent_default for all events

    Reflex v0.3.0

    New rx.data_editor Component

    • Reflex hosting alpha CLI
    • Drop python 3.7 support
    • Experimental support for Radix themes

    Reflex v0.2.9

    Core Graphing Improvements

    • Core Graphing Library is now Recharts
    • HTML Editor Component
    • Run Arbitrary Javascript from Event Handler
    • Redirect into New Window
    • rx.constants Module Refactored

    Reflex v0.2.8

    Background Tasks + Improved API for wrapping components.

    • Support long-running non-blocking operations
    • Trigger file downloads
    • Better change tracking for state vars
    • Arbitrary args for event triggers and serializers for custom types

    Reflex v0.2.7

    Reduced Package Size + Client-side Storage.

    • Reduced initial package size by 60%
    • Client-side Storage integrated with State
    • Added on_mount and on_unmount triggers for all components
    • Per-component prop autocompletion for IDEs and breakpoints support

    Reflex v0.2.6

    Bug fix to connect to no sql databases.

    • Added the step prop to Slider.
    • Added support for limits in pagination

    Reflex v0.2.5

    Performance improvements + bug fixes.

    • Removing the Node dependency on Windows
    • 3x performance improvement on the frontend (dev mode should be much snappier now!)
    • f-string support for vars



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