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Reflex has new releases and features coming every week! Make sure to star and watch on GitHub to stay up to date.
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Support rx.SessionStorage as State Var

  • More Recharts improvements
  • Better support for interactive stateless apps
  • Fix websocket disconnect when navigating to another domain
  • Make .web folder location configurable with REFLEX_WEB_WORKDIR

Better support for serializing datetime, Color, Path, and others to string

  • Default theme appearance to system light/dark setting
  • Toast component is now promoted to `rx.toast`
  • Recharts props accept `rx.color` values
  • Avoid hang when backend disconnects while processing an event

Plotly Improvements

  • More granular lazy imports
  • External asset support
  • Numerous bug fixes (see release notes)

Support for Lifespan tasks

  • Vertical tabs
  • Configurable gunicorn workers in prod mode
  • Fix for setting global font_family style

Connection Error is now a Toast

  • rx.toast supports action buttons and on_dismiss/on_auto_close
  • Improved typing for ConnectionState and State mixins
  • Faster CLI launch time
  • Better customizability for rx.accordion

Radix Themes 3.0

  • New public API methods for wrapping 3rd-Party Components
  • Generic throttle and debounce for all event handlers
  • Use Alembic batch mode for db makemigrations
  • Experimental toast component in rx._x.toast

Bug Fixes and Various Improvements

  • Fix for UnicodeDecodeError on Windows
  • Use npm fallback when bun does not work
  • Allow set in Var.contains
  • Fix for light/dark dialogs not matching current theme appearance

Support Bun on Windows for Faster Dependency Installation

  • Expose transpile_packages for Components that do not identify as ES6 module
  • Enum types are serialized to their values
  • Automatic tuple unpacking for Component children

New reflex init templates

  • Use any Reflex app on Github as an initial template
  • reflex run will automatically init the app when required
  • Reflex Experimental Namespace: rx._x
  • Windows support for Python 3.12

rx.ComponentState provides simple per-component state

  • Use dill instead of cloudpickle
  • More compatible package pins
  • rx.EventHandler annotation
  • Automatic pyi generation for published components

Support SQLAlchemy Models Directly

  • Experimental Multi-process Compilation
  • Better default titles for SEO
  • router.session.client_ip more likely to be correct now
  • Allow to resolve rx.get_upload_url links

Fix missing on_load and /_upload in prod deployments

  • rx.upload exposes on_drop event trigger
  • rx.el.form supports on_submit event trigger
  • Improve 'Stateless' app detection
  • Expose lang and other attributes on <html> tag

CLI for Creating and Publishing 3rd Party Components

  • get_state() API for accessing arbitrary states
  • Set initial_value for computed vars
  • Less invasive backend disconnected notification

Syncronize local storage between tabs

  • Tuple type annotations are now respected index-wise
  • Substates are serialized individually
  • Better Image Serialization

Fix Windows Hot-reload Issues

  • Fix browser error when triggering upload with no files selected
  • Fix regression: with is_external

Replace Chakra with Radix components

  • Entirely new core component library based on radix-ui
  • App-wide theming system
  • Enhanced support for upload and download

Lucide Icons now available at rx.lucide.icon

  • Custom Reflex support directory (REFLEX_DIR)
  • Better support for native SQLAlchemy models
  • Avoid exposing unused _upload and _event endpoints

Improve hot-reload times in dev mode

  • Allow State subclasses to use mixins to define fields
  • Improvements to Radix-UI preview components

New rx.match helper acts as a switch statement

  • app.compile() is no longer required
  • Add time_picker component
  • Support bare SQLAlchemy DeclarativeBase models

Support SQLAlchemy v2

  • Preview of radix themes components
  • Allow redis:// and rediss:// style URL

rx.el components working with State

    Performance Improvements

    • More flexible rx.State subclassing
    • Enhanced standard HTML elements under `rx.el`

    Support Dynamic Forms

    • Support python 3.12
    • NextJS 14
    • Fast lazy import
    • Upload with progress and cancellation

    Work with Github Codespaces

    • Expose gunicorn_worker_class for extended configuration
    • stop_propagation and prevent_default for all events

    New rx.data_editor Component

    • Reflex hosting alpha CLI
    • Drop python 3.7 support
    • Experimental support for Radix themes

    Core Graphing Improvements

    • Core Graphing Library is now Recharts
    • HTML Editor Component
    • Run Arbitrary Javascript from Event Handler
    • Redirect into New Window
    • rx.constants Module Refactored

    Background Tasks + Improved API for wrapping components.

    • Support long-running non-blocking operations
    • Trigger file downloads
    • Better change tracking for state vars
    • Arbitrary args for event triggers and serializers for custom types

    Reduced Package Size + Client-side Storage.

    • Reduced initial package size by 60%
    • Client-side Storage integrated with State
    • Added on_mount and on_unmount triggers for all components
    • Per-component prop autocompletion for IDEs and breakpoints support

    Bug fix to connect to no sql databases.

    • Added the step prop to Slider.
    • Added support for limits in pagination

    Performance improvements + bug fixes.

    • Removing the Node dependency on Windows
    • 3x performance improvement on the frontend (dev mode should be much snappier now!)
    • f-string support for vars
    The Reflex logo.



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